21st Century Farm Family Recovers From Hard Times by Giving Money Away

Chad's heart disease led to serious financial challenges. He and his wife, Kim, found a way out—and taught their kids this life-changing strategy as well.


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Chad's heart disease led to serious financial challenges. He and his wife, Kim, found a way out—and taught their kids this life-changing strategy as well.

CBN.com — Chad and Kim Bushey are a hard working couple who live off their farm along with their chickens, llamas and goats.

Kim recalls, “I begged my husband for a goat and so he said, ‘You can have a goat, if you do something with it.’ And so we actually make lots of things, like cheese and ice cream.”

“I loved the outdoors,” says Chad. “I just thank God for giving me His nature to work with.”

A few years earlier, Chad developed heart disease and had to have open heart surgery. He was unable to work for four months. In spite of the financial challenges, Chad and Kim continued to tithe and give to CBN from the money they made selling goat milk soap. And as they gave, God provided.  

Kim remembers, “It would always seem like any time we were in real need, someone would call and say, ‘Hey, I need ten bars of soap,’ and we would have what we needed.”

While Chad was laid up after surgery, friends from church put their money together and took care of their bills and bought the family groceries.

Chad remembers, “They got $1,000 in Visa gift cards and they gave us another $500 in food cards to the local grocery store. That covered most of our living expenses right there.”

Then, when they ran out of hay to feed their animals, a neighbor just happened to call and asked Chad if they needed about $400 worth of hay!

Chad remembers, “I  said, ‘Well, I can’t pay you for it.’  He said, ‘Pay me in a few months when you get the money.’ So I’m like, 'Absolutely, come on in. Barns empty right now'. Well, within a couple of hours it was filled to overflow. I had so much hay—and my loft was full.”

The Busheys have adopted three children. The oldest one is in college now. Orphan’s Promise is the reason why they joined The 700 Club.

“I love how they support the orphans, how they care for the orphans, feed them, clothe them,” says Kim.

Their 9-year-old daughter Elizabeth is learning to give too. In fact, she loves CBN so much that instead of saving her money for a pony, she gave her $20 to CBN.

Elizabeth remembers, “I kept on watching CBN and I felt a big pain in my heart that [I] needed to give. I talked to my mom and dad about it and they said I could give. [My mom] wrote a check and then I sent it in the mail. And I actually started a giving jar for the CBN.”

“It blesses me very much to see our daughter giving and to understand that it’s important,” says Kim. “To understand the principles of obeying God’s word.”

The Bushey's believe that you can’t out give God. That’s why they recently increased their giving to CBN.

Chad says, “Only God knows how many apples you can get out of one seed but if you give unto God, and you sow into CBN, you’ll never see the end of the blessing.”

Elizabeth says, “I would say to other kids that you should give because if you give it will bless God.”

Being obedient to God's truth made an incredible difference for Chad, Kim and Elizabeh. Join them in partnering with CBN. You will make a difference in lives around the world, through medical missions, food and clothing programs, humanitarian outreaches and so much—all in the name of Jesus. Please join today.

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