After Months of Foot Pain, What Has This Woman Pain Free and Jumping for Joy?

Anna had been experiencing intense foot pain for months, then one day something amazing happened.


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Anna had been experiencing intense foot pain for months, then one day something amazing happened.
// -“It was like a tight pulling in my foot,” says Anna. “And it just come all of a sudden, just a pain that I could not hardly bear. I could hardly walk on my foot.”

Anna Hall suffered with foot pain for months. She turned to God for help.

“I just said, ‘God, You know because You made this body. So You know what it is. Now I’m just going to believe that whatever it is that You’re going to handle it.’  I know I could’ve went to the doctor. But… I’m just not a doctor person. I believe Him to be a Great Physician.”

One morning Anna was watching The 700 Club when Terry and Pat began to pray.

“When they started to give out a word of knowledge, I said, ‘Lord, I wish they would call out my foot.’”

“And as soon as I said that, Terry said, ‘Someone else a very painful bone spur in your heel; it’s almost impossible to walk. Gone, in Jesus’ name.’”

“I said, ‘That’s me!’ I said, ‘that is me!’ And when she said it, I snatched that word, and I jumped up and I started like running around in my room. I was like, ‘My foot!’ I felt this coolness from the top of my head run all the way down my body, in my foot. And when that happened, I was like, ‘I know that God has healed my foot. I know He have touched my foot, because I didn’t feel the pain no more!’ So I’m like excited! Right? I’m running in the house, ‘God, You did it! You did it. Lord, You did it!’”

Since that time, Anna says she hasn’t had any problems.

“I’ve been walking. I’ve been jogging on this foot that I could not hardly walk on. I’ve been jumping; I’ve been doing everything with it. Everything. That’s how I know I’m healed.”

Anna believes that you can trust God for your healing.

“God will heal you. I am an example of that. He will heal you. Just continue to believe God. Just continue to trust God and have faith in Him. He will not let you down. He’s God!

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