This Baby Had a Hole in Her Heart! Find Out How She Survived.

Unable to afford surgery, a Chinese mother cries out for help. CBN partners answer with an outpouring of compassion.


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Unable to afford surgery, a Chinese mother cries out for help. CBN partners answer with an outpouring of compassion.
// —Mrs. Wang thought raising her second daughter would be as simple as the first.   But when Xin Yu got pneumonia, her mother didn’t know what to do!

“She was tiny and her heart beat so fast,” remembers Mrs. Wang. “Her face was burning red, and she could not breathe.  I gave her some medicine that had worked when her big sister was sick, but it didn’t help Xin Yu at all.”

That’s because Xin Yu had a hole in her heart.  A doctor said she needed surgery as soon as possible.  Otherwise, she’d die. 

Mr. Wang recalls, “My wife started blaming herself, saying she must have done something wrong during the pregnancy.  But I knew it wasn’t her fault.” 

Mrs. Wang says, “I gave Xin Yu the best food we could afford and I held her all the time.  But all she did was cry.  Then I’d cry too. I saw other children having fun outside.  But my daughter could not even breathe.  And I knew that we did not have enough money for surgery.”

Mr. Wang works in a factory.  And the most he’s ever made in a week is a little over 100 dollars.  He admits, “As the man of the family, I tried to stay strong for everyone--  especially my wife.  I knew her heart was breaking. But inside, I was dying too. I knew we could never afford surgery.  So I did not see how there was any hope or future for Xin Yu.”

Mrs. Wang was determined to save her daughter. So she begged a doctor at a large hospital for assistance.  He said that CBN could help pay for Xin Yu’s surgery!

She says with a smile, “I could hardly believe it and neither could my husband. He kept asking ‘Is it true, is it really true?’”

It was.  We made sure Xin Yu got the best care available.  After a very successful heart surgery, she was able to run and play with her big sister for the first time ever!

Mr. Wang declares, “She smiles and laughs all the time now.  And so does my wife.”

Mrs. Wang concludes, “Xin Yu is enjoying life! Now both of my daughters are healthy.  They are two little angels with faces like flowers!  Thank you so much CBN!”

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