Deformed Baby Was Tearing This Family Apart, But Help Was On The Way

Xiao had a gift for her new baby sister—and so did CBN partners!


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Xiao had a gift for her new baby sister—and so did CBN partners!
// —When Xiao Yan found out she was going to have a sister, she couldn't wait. "I decided to give my most favorite hairpin to my sister when she was born to show her my love," she says. "I was sure she would look like a beautiful doll!"

But Xiao Yan was wrong. She remembers, "My father came home from the hospital and said my sister was born with a cleft lip and palate! I was afraid to look at her. When I finally did, I could barely breathe. Her cleft lip was the worst thing I had ever seen."

It didn't only affect Xiao Ling's appearance. It also stunted her growth.

Mrs. Ma recalls, "She coughed and choked when I tried to feed her. She was malnourished. I was sure this would affect the development of her brain. And how would she ever marry looking like this?"

The Ma's needed to get cleft lip and palate surgery for their baby, but they're farmers and live on only 310 dollars a year.

Mr. Ma confesses, "I was constantly worried about the money. I knew my family was depending on me, but I did not have any way to help my baby!"

Xiao Yan adds, "I pretended to be okay in front of my parents because they had enough going on already, but my eyes were always red from crying. I did not want people to tease my sister because of her cleft lip."

The Ma's knew Xiao Ling's lip would only get worse. And no-one they asked could help. Then they heard about CBN - and we arranged for free surgery.

"I saw my mom smile for the first time in a long time," shares Xiao Yan. "And I was so happy that I jumped really high."

The cleft lip and palate surgery made a big difference in Xiao Ling's life.

Xiao Yan says proudly, "Xiao Ling is like a new girl!! She looks like a princess with the hairpin I gave her and the beautiful smile from CBN."

"Now, she has gained weight," Mrs. Ma says. "She will be able to go to school, find a job, and get married."

Mr. Ma concludes, "I do not need to worry about her future anymore. I'm so thankful for your kind help!"

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