Doctors Baffled When Young Mother's Colon Cancer Completely Disappears

Serena wanted to watch her son grow up, so after a diagnosis of colon cancer, she turned to missionary friends for prayer and a hope for healing.


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Serena wanted to watch her son grow up, so after a diagnosis of colon cancer, she turned to missionary friends for prayer and a hope for healing.

“I was concerned with, ‘is this a danger to my life? Is this serious? What are they going to find? What's going to happen?’” Serena Langston braced herself for the results of her medical exam – results that could mean life, or death. She was a healthy, 33 year-old wife and mother, who looked forward to watching her son grow up; but now, she feared the worst. “I love my husband and my son so much, and I didn't want anything to take me away from them. I just wanted Kyle to be able to have his wife, and Dawson to be able to have his mommy.”

Serena became alarmed when she started noticing rectal bleeding, and went to her doctor. Dr. Troy Thompson remembers treating her. “When I did the exam, I hit this large one-inch mass, just one centimeter in. And I tried to maintain my composure; to not show shock. But, I realized at that moment, we had a much bigger problem on our hands.” Dr. Thompson sent her to a specialist, where a biopsy confirmed his suspicions - Serena had colon cancer. “We got her in for urgent colonoscopy and found two tumors. There was a small cancer, 12 centimeters in and the larger one, 2½ centimeters in size.”

Serena was in a serious struggle. “I was at the lowest of the low, emotionally and spiritually. I just laid in my bed after coming home and kept thinking to myself, ‘my son cannot live his life without me. He cannot wonder where I went.’”

Serena was a Christian, but until then hadn’t given much thought about God’s ability to heal. “I remembered that my mom had friends, Jerry and Rhonda Thiele that were missionaries, and that they laid hands on people. I was so desperate at that point because I thought I might die. I just needed Jesus to save my life and I was going to do whatever it took to get it.”

She asked her father to call them. Jerry remembers speaking to him. “He was very distraught. You could hear it on his voice. And he says, ‘Jerry and Rhonda, this is Bob. Serena just asked for you to come over and lay hands on her. Would you come over right away?’ And we did.’”

The Thiele’s felt they should first take communion with Serena. They believed it was critical for her to understand that healing comes through Christ’s sacrifice. Rhonda Thiele knew that starting with communion was the right thing to do. “We knew right away to do the Lord's Supper, that through His body and the blood, we knew that was the pivotal point where that healing was going to begin.”

So when the couple arrived, they took Communion and prayed. “We just started praying, in the Spirit first, and then praying over her, speaking death to a disease, speaking death to a cancer, speaking death to what's attacking her body,” Jerry said.

“Now, we would share the word of God with her. We knew by his stripes we are healed,” Rhonda added.

They also taught her of the importance of verbalizing God’s healing promises over her body. “I completely believed Isaiah 53:5 says I am healed by His stripes, so I am. There is no way that any cancer can be in me because Jesus healed me,” Serena said. “I went to bed that night and fell asleep and in the middle of the night I was woke up by this warm, tingly sensation that went up from my toes to the top of my head down to my toes, up to the top of my head again, and then down and out through my toes. And it was Jesus healing me, and I knew it.”

Serena later went to the Mayo Clinic in Cleveland for more testing. They wanted to see if the cancer had spread - but this time, her tests came back with different results. “They couldn't even find where the second polyp had been and where the first polyp had been, there was just an ulcer. And she also told me that all the CT scans came back clean and normal and my blood work was normal and they couldn't find any cancer in me.”

As a precaution, doctors removed the portion of her colon where the polyp was originally found, but no other cancer was detected. Now, almost five years later, Serena is still cancer-free. “She was young. Not a likely candidate for colon cancer, and yet she acted quickly, she acted by faith; she had total healing and she's now living the testimony of a healed life,” Dr. Thompson said.

Today, Serena says her health and her faith are stronger than ever. “I cannot even explain how real He is to me now. He came down and touched me and healed me and saved my life. He did it 2000 years ago when He took those stripes. He gave us the scriptures so that I could believe in my healing. It's just amazing.”

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