A Flat Tire Saves This Baby's Life

Discover how God used a flat tire to bring healing to a sick baby.


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Discover how God used a flat tire to bring healing to a sick baby.

In the aftermath of Tyhoon Haiyan that ripped through the Philippines late last year, Acer and Diana struggled to find medical help for their three month old daughter Hannah.  She was struggling to breathe.  So they rode five hours by motorcycle to find the CBN disaster medical team. 
“We just took a chance. We weren’t sure if they’d actually be there,” said Acer.

A flat tire had delayed the medical team’s arrival, so Acer and his wife and daughter went looking for them. They soon found them changing the flat tire a few miles down the road.

There on the side of the road, Dr. Sheila examined baby Hannah and told the couple she had pneumonia.   We quickly gave her an antibiotic, along with enough medicine to continue her treatment.  That roadside care saved the baby’s life. 
“It was good that we saw her,” said Dr. Sheila. “She could have died of from this if she had not received treatment in time.”

In addition to the free medical care, we gave the couple some food and other supplies for the journey home.  

“Thanks for saving our baby’s life,” said Acer as he headed home on another five hour motorcycle ride.

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