Micah Peacock Releases Debut Album Hoping to Provide a Deeper Experience of Life for Listeners



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Dallas-based worship leader Micah Peacock released his first full length album September 2nd, titled “Shadow to Sunlight.” Micah says he wrote the album after reflecting on struggles he was seeing in the church.

“I think a lot of people in Dallas and in our church typically were longing for deeper experiences of things,” Micah said, “…in their job or in their relationships. And so a lot of these songs were kind of trying to speak into that situation. How do we live our day-to day lives in a way that we become aware of the kingdom of God that’s all around us.”

Micah’s debut album was brought to life by multi-platinum producer Michael Omartian. Omartian says he was drawn to the uniqueness of Micah’s songwriting.

“I found the album both entertaining and challenging,” Omartian said. “And I think that people today, you hear the mantras and the bumper sticker slogan stuff, and I think that Micah was so much deeper than that. And if you want to –if you were a thinker or a searcher, this would be very satisfying to you.”

Micah says he hopes his music challenges his generation to dig deeper in their spiritual lives.

“We kind of go from A to B to C, D and we just move through things really quickly,” Micah said. “And so I guess if anything I hope people really learn to take an introspective and reflective look on their life and their work and their marriages and their faith, you know. To kind of turn an introspective eye and see all that’s really there.
And it’s just about learning to live day to day in a way where your eyes are kind of refocusing on how the kingdom is breaking through in your life.”

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