My Head is Killing Me! A Few Easy Steps to Make It Go Away

Author of ‘Headache Free,' Pharmacist Suzy Cohen discusses methods to alleviate many types of headache pain and improve your overall health.


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Author of ‘Headache Free,' Pharmacist Suzy Cohen discusses methods to alleviate many types of headache pain and improve your overall health.
// - UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL In 1998, Suzy said her husband, Sam, had mild headaches from time to time.

“I didn’t realize my life would change so dramatically when his headaches changed shortly after our marriage,” says Suzy. 

His headaches took on a life of their own.  Sometimes they were disabling, and for a chiropractor, that was not good for business.  Many days Sam could not leave the house and he told Suzy he felt like ice picks were sticking into his head or eyes.  Over the next few years Sam took pain medications including high dose steroids, oxycodone and anti-inflammatories.  He tried various other remedies including Beta-blockers and anti-seizure drugs.  After six MRIs, several CT scans, X-rays and numerous other procedures, nothing worked and Suzy and Sam were devastated. 

“Until headaches are a part of your life, either your own or someone you are close to, there is no possible way to understand,” says Suzy.

Suzy researched every possible solution for Sam’s headaches for 10 years.  The pain was so severe that Sam had to retire from his practice and they lost his six-figure income.  Then, two years after he left his job, Suzy figured out the cause.  Sam had been bitten by a tick that came from his dog!  That tick was to blame for Sam's Lyme Disease.  Suzy helped Sam recover from his daily, debilitating headaches and he has been headache free for 12 years.  Two years ago, Suzy asked Sam if she could share his story with others. 

“I had to twist his arm to let me tell you his story,” says Suzy.  “He doesn’t even like to talk about those days.”

Suzy says “migrenades” are things that can trigger migraine headaches.  They can act like grenades in your head. 

She will show us:
1.  A pack of gum w/ artificial sweetener 
2.  A bottle of perfume 
3.  A piece of bread w/ a slice of ham or turkey (the bread because of gluten, and the meat because of nitrates)
4.  Dried apricot (because of the sulfites)
5.  Barbecue sauce and salad dressing (the vinegar raises histamine – histamines make you sneeze)

Suzy will show things that help avoid headaches:
1. A glass of water!  Dehydration is a big cause of headaches
2. Magnesium.  It’s cheap and helps 50% of sufferers
3. Riboflavin.  A natural B vitamin that relieves headaches and helps cope with stress
4.Quercetin.  Related to vitamin C, this natural fruit extract acts like allergy medicine by reducing histamine
5. Thyroid supplement.  For women over 40, low thyroid is a cause for headaches!

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