Wiccan Man Terrified After Witnessing the Power of Satan

He was deep in the world of Wicca until a pastor asked him a simple but crucial question.


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He was deep in the world of Wicca until a pastor asked him a simple but crucial question.

CBN.com Steven Beaty was a self-professed warlock.  As a Wiccan, he cast spells and had several dark demonic encounters.  His trek to the dark side began in 2001 when his girlfriend had a miscarriage.

"When it didn’t work out and the baby was stillborn, I was completely crushed. I had no idea where to go, where to turn," Steven tells The 700 Club. "I couldn’t think. All I could think about was how badly and how much I wanted this child."

Steven blamed God for his baby’s death.

"It pushed me away from God, because somebody told me that God had a reason for taking this child. I thought, I don’t want to have any part in a God who will take a child from somebody who wants it."

Partly due to the miscarriage, his relationship with his girlfriend ended.  Steven was totally broken. He turned to drinking and drugs to mask the anger in his soul.

"I started getting into like cocaine and prescription drugs, pain killers, anti-depressants and stuff like that."

Steven said he felt like an outcast until he entered the world of Goth.  That’s where he met and married Dottie, who had two girls from a previous marriage. 

"They didn’t care what I was doing. They didn’t care what I looked like and they didn’t care how I acted. I remember wearing two- to three-inch spikes around my neck, three- to four-inch spikes on my wrist."

Steven, Dottie and their Goth friends also participated in intricate role playing games.

"They had different roles like vampires, werewolves, a mage, which was a witch; they had what they called Dark Angels." That opened the door to something even darker.  The Occult.

"At first, I didn’t want anything to do with it, but the more I hung out and the more I was there, I think I started searching for some kind of religious stability. I needed a set of beliefs to live by. I didn’t want to change my life. So Wicca kind of fit the bill at the time."

The Wiccan rituals and spells opened him up to what he calls demonic encounters. One day, at his home, Steven and some friends noticed an object—a knife—moving on its own.

"It started spinning. Nobody was touching it. One of my friends looked at me and said, 'Did you see that?' I said, 'Yes.' Everybody that was in the house left."

Months later, he had an encounter he would never forget.

"In the dead center of my room, there was a dark figure sitting like cross-legged looking at me, levitated off the floor.  It gives you chills. It was really scary."

Steven was terrified when he saw the power of Satan. He knew his life needed to change. Then one day while attending his step-daughter’s soccer practice, he met another dad—a pastor —who invited him to church.

"I said, 'I’m going to tell you why I don’t go to church. I’m a witch. I believe in Wicca.' He just looked and says, 'How’s that working out for you?' And I said, 'Not too good.'"

The pastor gave him a Bible, and Steven began reading. On Easter Sunday, he went to church to see his step-daughter sing in the choir.  That was the day his life totally changed.

"It was just the music, the songs, and the message. It was just the way the story of Christ was laid out. It really made me understand that I needed Christ in my life and that I was a sinner."

Steven began to pray.

"I told God that I knew that I was wrong, the way that I lived, that everything about my life was wrong. I needed forgiveness. I just wanted Christ in my heart and in my life. It was an overnight change. I had already given up almost everything from my past. I was still drinking, but it was like overnight I didn’t want to drink anymore, my language cleared up. The way that I carried myself... it was an overnight change."

Others saw the change in Steven too.  Pastor Nate Blackledge explains, " Anytime you talk to him, it just seems like the No. 1 thing on his heart is what he can do to be used by God.  To see God do a work, in not necessarily his own life but anybody’s life that he comes in contact with, it’s amazing."

Steven and Dottie have since had a child of their own.  They’re amazed at all that God has done for their family.

"Without his grace and his mercy, I wouldn’t be here now. I just don’t believe that I would have made it through what I’ve come through without Him. God is my strong tower. I find my strength in Him. Without Him, I’m nothing."

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